Are we Hologram? - Billy Shannon

Billy Shannon

Are we Hologram?

114 x 157 x 5 cmSynthetic polymer paint and gold leaf on board and old frame
As an artist and meditator, I am fascinated by the nature of reality. The deeper I delve into contemporary physics, the more connections I find with Buddhist principles of emptiness, interdependence, and illusion. 'Are we Hologram?' examines theories in contemporary physics about our universe's potential histories, inspired by de Sitter space and conformal field theory. These theories suggest our universe may be a holographic projection from a lower-dimensional reality within a multiverse, or in Buddhist terms, illusionary. The routed circles on the board, marking formed and semi-formed universes, originated from using the board as a base for other paintings. The interplay of colours and gold leaf hints at the diversity of these universes, each a holographic echo of the larger whole.