Billy Shannon

Billy Shannon

  • Artist’s Statement

    I am heavily engaged in the movement of light through layers of paint and varnish to bring out the emotional content of my work and subjects. The 'Sleep' series developed through my other life as a deep tissue massage therapist for acrobats and dancers. The contrast between the highly active life of these performers and their restorative repose fascinates me.

  • Biography

    Billy Shannon is a painter, working in acrylic on canvas. Much of his technique has been informed by his 40 year oscillation between working in the performing arts as a scenic artist and and being actively involved in the visual arts.
    Billy co-found Plexus Gallery with Sona Babajanyan to explore new models of commercial galleries

  • Influences

    As a youth I was obsessed with the development of 'life' and movement in western art. Later existentialism , surrealism, Buddhism and the movement of light in relation to the soul

  • Exhibitions

    2019 ‘Lethbridge 20000’ Brisbane, Qld Finalist
    Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba, Qld ‘33rd Downlands Art Exhibition’
    2018 ‘Rio Tinto, Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards’ Gladstone, Qld Finalist
    ‘Neumann Dust Temple Portrait Prize’, Currumbin, Qld Finalist
    Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba, Qld ‘32nd Downlands Art Exhibition’
    2017 Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba, Qld ‘31st Downlands Art Exhibition’
    2016 ‘Myself, Self-Portrait Prize’, Brisbane, Qld Finalist
    Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba, Qld ‘30th Downlands Art Exhibition’

    2018 Cross Gallery, Bundaberg ‘Nocturne’
    2015 Three Bowls ‘A Siesta’
    2006 New Farm Art Stockroom, Brisbane ‘Painting Life’
    2005 New Farm Studio, Brisbane ‘Flowers for Fibonacci’
    New Farm Studio, Brisbane ‘Studio Show’
    New Farm Studio, Brisbane ‘Studio Opening Show’
    Fresh Gallery ‘Fresh’
    2004 Borders Bookstore, Brisbane ‘Width of a Circle’
    2003 SoapBox Gallery, Brisbane 'Inner Workings'
    2002 No 9 Chinatown Mall, Brisbane 'Subterranean Night'
    2000 Lucky's, Brisbane ‘Sonnet 54'
    1992 - 99 69 Smith St. Melbourne 'The Divine Stratagem' Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibition
    1995 Couch Culture, Hobart ‘Masquers’
    1994 Sidespace Gallery, Hobart ‘Under a Black Sun’
    1992 McWhirter's Artspace, Brisbane ‘Icarus and Other Angels’
    Cafe Lunar, Brisbane ‘Return Journey’

    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected group shows)
    2019 Bowen Hills Studio, Brisbane ‘Studio Life’
    2018 Cross Gallery, Bundaberg ‘End of year show’
    Cross Gallery, Bundaberg ‘Icon’
    2017 Bowen Hills Studio, Brisbane ‘From our Dreams’
    Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens ‘Ar Moriendi’
    Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba ‘31st Downlands Art Exhibition’
    2016 Bowen Hills Studio, Brisbane ‘Sleep… A studio show’
    Three Bowls ‘Recap’
    Jugglers Art Space ‘Thoughts Made Visible’
    2015 Lust for Life Tattoo ‘Vive L’Homme’
    2007 Qld Sculpture Soc Studios, Brisbane ‘A Night in the Shed’
    Flipbook Media Space, Brisbane ‘Nudes’
    2006 New Farm Art Stockroom, Brisbane ‘Loading Zone’
    2005 Absoe Studio, Brisbane ‘Fringe Dwellers’
    CBD, Brisbane ‘The One’
    2004 Celestial Gallery, Fortitude Valley ‘Decade’
    David Kopp Foundation 'Kopp This' benefit art auction supporting people living with HIV/Aids
    Brisbane Powerhouse 'Champagne Box Auction' benefit auction for Access Arts
    Artworks Gallery, Southport 'Immediatemix'
    2003 The Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane 'Fluid', Action painting with the quintet, Collusions
    Fusions Gallery, Brisbane 'This Exquisite Torture'
    5 other group shows in Brisbane this year
    2000 Sui Generis, Melbourne 'Passion'
    2002 No 9 Chinatown Mall, Brisbane 'Square'
    1997 The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 'Really Recent Works'
    1991 - 2000 Over 25 group shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart

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Billy Shannon

city under water
80 x 80 x 3 cm Acrylic on hand crafted board $2,500.00

Billy Shannon

Band of Gold - since you've been gone
102 x 152 x 3 cm Acrylic and Gold Leaf on canvas $6,000.00

Billy Shannon

Self Healing
101 x 101 x 3 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $4,000.00