About Us

The RME Downlands Art Exhibition is a weeklong event that meaningfully engages the Downlands and wider community with artists, artwork and creative minds. As the major fundraiser for the Parents and Friends Committee, the funds raised from the Exhibition go directly to the improvement of College facilities, teaching and learning and pastoral care of students.

Our Vision And History

We staged our first art exhibition in 1987, with the help of our art department and the Parents and Friends Committee. The preparation was long and arduous, shared between a group of dedicated people. But it was certainly worth it.

The doors opened to reveal a dazzling array of fine paintings and prints of glorious colour and variety, detailed and unusual silver, glass art, ceramics and crafts. Each alcove and turn revealed something of beauty to be admired or bought. Not only was there something for the avid art collector, but enough variety of style and form to please everyone. The opening night was a particularly successful evening and certainly one to be put on most calendars as a must for next year. 200 people gathered in the Graham Centre for a champagne and gourmet supper accompanied by music.

The show was also a great financial success, helping to fund new art equipment, increase the school art collection and help finance a future artist-in-residence in the school.

This vision remains true three decades later.