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Downlands Art Exhibition 2019-2023

Russell Mineral Equipment – RME Global


It is a privilege, as Managing Director and Executive Chairman of Russell Mineral Equipment, to support the Downlands Art Exhibition. I’ve been attending the exhibition for a long time and it’s something I very much look forward to each year.

RME is a manufacturing technology and services company that predominately engineers machinery for the mining services industry. We engineer beautiful pieces – pieces that are a testament to human endeavours to innovate and create.

Is there a day in our lives that we are not touched by the skill and imagination of artists and designers? We recently took advantage of the brilliant Wellcamp Airport freight service to fly a 35-tonne RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine to its New Mexico mine site. Of the 440 RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines based at minerals processing mine sites around the world, this was the first one to FLY! We imagined sharing this moment and milestone with our New Mexico customer, by creating a character to symbolise this special Machine’s trip to its destination. We work closely with the team at Black Canvas, who took our rough ideas for ‘Chino – the Machine who could fly!’ and materialised our vision. ‘Chino’ is now a very popular feature at our Customer’s site, getting around on the hard hats of over 100 site personnel! An example of artists bringing people together.

RME considers it a privilege to be able to support the Downlands P&F, students and artists.

John Russell – MD EC Russell Mineral Equipment