z.Artist Portal Guidelines 2019

Downlands Art Exhibition – Artist’s Portal Instructions (No paper contracts in 2019)

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https://www.downlandsart.com/artist-portal-guidelines/ Or download these instructions as PDF here.

Your Online Profile creation – if you do intend on exhibiting this year you will need to create your Artist profile before you confirm your artworks.

Respond to the email sent to you from the Curator via www.artgalleria.com This is the site you will log into to, create your profile and upload/edit the details of your artworks. Once you create a login & password you will have a link to your artist’s profile and artworks profiles.

Please to sign up using the invitation link in the email, rather than going to the website directly and registering for the free trial. You will not be asked to subscribe to Art Galleria at a cost if you use the invitation link. 

If you end up on the subscription page by mistake, please click on the invitation link. If you have already created an account, you will be taken to the portal main screen.

If you receive “invalid invitation link”, it means that the link has already been used and you have registered – contact the curator if you can’t progress beyond here.

Once registered start by Setting up your billing, this is just for the $5 administration fee per artwork accepted into the catalogue. This is a totally secure, “Stripe” powered transaction method, the same as what Downlands uses for online transactions. (Contact the curator if you don’t have a credit card)

Next you’ll need to create your exhibiting Artist’s Profile. Before you can upload any artwork details you will need to create this profile Just click on the artist profile tab at the top of the page and then “Add new Artist” – that’s you.  Some suppliers may be exhibiting works by multiple artists from the secondary market, investment market or other galleries. Most of you will just enter your own artist details here.

  • ADD// REPLACE A PICTURE – This will be your profile picture on the web page. Please size, crop and orient as best you can to make a good impression on the website. Centre your head in the image also or it may be cropped out by the web page. This may just be an image of your typical artwork, preferably you in the studio.
  • ARTIST CLASSIFICATION – (Galleried Artists are represented by a Gallery)
  • TAGS – Key terms you might use to describe your arts practice
  • COMMISSION ACCEPTED – click yes if you want to be contacted about future commissions.
  • FEATURED ARTIST – (unchecked.) Our Feature artist is Diana Battle
  • CITY
  • WEBSITE – Yours

Then click on the other tabs under “Add New Artist” (Artist Statement/Biography/ etc) for further details before you click on “Create Artist Profile” (you can go back and edit these details later)

  • ARTIST STATEMENT – < 300 words (Too much info here for statement/CV/Bio/Influences etc. will make browsing arduous.  Use the link option below for more comprehensive details. People will look there if they are keen to search about you.)
  • BIOGRAPHY – Selected (we don’t need pages here, that’s what the links below are for if you have a great Bio)
  • INFLUENCES – on your work
  • AWARDS – you have won
  • EXHIBITIONS – you have been in
  • PRIORITY – If you are supplying works by more than one artist you can prioritise them here
  • LINKS – add full URL addresses if you want a working link.

OK, Now that you have your “Artist Profile” created go back up to the “Artworks” tab and click on that to move on to uploading your Artwork details . Click on “Upload Artwork” over to the right…

Artwork Details – Due 19 Aug 2019

Feel free to discuss your proposed works with the Curator via email before entering details here.  All works intended for the September exhibition should be committed to this show. If you need to change artworks let the Curator know immediately. The sooner we can confirm your works the sooner we can get them up on the web!

When you are ready, enter details under each of the Tabs at the top of the ARTWORK EDIT page.  You don’t have to enter all your submissions immediately if you are still working on the artworks, but 19 August is the cut-off date for completing submissions for the Exhibition. After that date it’s highly likely the Curator can only delete works.

(You will automatically pay the $5 per artwork registration fee upon approval of the works, that was why you configured a payment option earlier)

Start entering at “BASIC INFO” and then use the other Tabs as detailed below.

When you have finished what you can for now click on “Update Artwork” – but go through the Tabs (Details /Pricing /etc) first or you will have to navigate back to the “Artwork Edit” page.

  • On the main www.artgalleria.com page click on “Upload artwork”.
  • The INVENTORY ID is automatically generated.
  • ARTIST should be available in the drop-down menu if you have created the profile earlier.
  • MEDIUM/ TECHNIQUE – (our printed catalogue can only handle 40 characters so a long media description here is OK, but it may not appear in the Printed catalogue. Of course, your full details will be available on any mobile device in the gallery anyway).
  • MAIN PICTURE (not a live field – leave blank)
  • RETAIL PRICE (this includes our commission and GST on commission as per document here: https://www.downlandsart.com/gst/
  • SALE PRICE – this is if we choose to discount the work later.
  • UPDATE ARTWORK – best to enter all your details including images before you click on this or you will have to navigate back to the bottom.
  • ARTWORK IMAGES – add files then click upload – Photos of your work are highly recommended – ask a teenager to help if you can’t save an image file from your phone.
  • ARTWORK DOCUMENTS – you may have documentation about specific works, PDF files etc which you can upload here.
  • UPDATE ARTWORK – don’t click on this till all tabs have been filled


  • SUPPLIER NAME – this is you, even if you are supplying work by another artist.
  • TASS ID – this ID will have been in your contact details in the initial email from the curator or on any previous sales remittance notices you may have received from the college. Leave blank if you don’t have this ID, but if you do have access it is the best way for us to keep track of your items and ensure swift payment upon sales. Only suppliers with previous sales at Downlands will have this ID
  • TBA CONNECTION…  This is great for our out of Town visitors and for our local clients to see just how talented our region is when it comes to creating.
  • RETURNS TO – where unsold items will be collected from if not Downlands.
  • DESCRIPTION e.g.: framed painting, large hanging sculpture, small pottery…
  • PROVENANCE – usually the Artist or if not, it may be from a private collection etc.
  • EXHIBITIONS Type – Downlands 2019 (later submissions may be requested for the online Store)
  • SIGNATURE placement on work e.g. – “bottom right”


  • If it’s not editioned it’s an Original


  • COMMISSION is 25% if not otherwise arranged. Please enter 25.
  • DELIVERY FEE – AUSTRALIA WIDE – yes! We are introducing online sales. If you want to suggest a delivery fee here that’s great. All sales will be by expression of interest at first. We have a checkout system ready to go but will save the automation till this system is proven.


  • Nothing here yet


  • Nothing here yet


You will be taken back to the “ARTWORKS” portal. Here you can go back and edit the details before you submit the artwork for approval. Once submitted it cannot be edited.

When you are happy you can Submit artwork.

If you need to log out your uploaded work should remain awaiting further editing before you submit the entry to the curator.

Once you have submitted your work/s the curator will approve or decline them. you will receive an email notification either way and rejections will have an explanation in this email.

Good luck.

This is a brand new system. Don’t hesitate to contact the curator, Evan Hollis, if you have questions or issues at

hollise@downlands.qld.edu.au / 0434399055