2016 – Leisl Mott


Leisl Mott is an artist based in Brisbane. A spontaneous, energetic and intuitive painter, Leisl is interested in (and inspired by) the personality, character, virtues and stories of people and places as much as their beauty.


Leisl was recently selected as a Finalist in the Lethbridge 10,000 and also won Champion Picture – RAS Toowoomba Show 2016, among other awards.


Her work is a compulsion to capture and magnify what she sees as the essence of a subject or to pay homage to some aspect that strikes her inspirational or virtuous in a ‘bigger than us’ kind of way.


Leisl is currently working on a series of landscapes for a solo exhibition in June 2016, as well as a number of portraits and a series of equine works. She will be producing a new body of work for the Downlands Art Exhibition.


Be sure to head to her website to see many more of her beautiful works, click here to check it out.