Zach Lawry

Zach Lawry

  • Artist’s Statement

    Zach uses his artwork to explore ideas of how individual and group identity are shaped and influenced by corporate interests and a culture of excess, and the effect this construction has on our sense of value, validation and society.
    His work is a means of processing the criticism he holds of consumer culture and its implications of power and value, while reconciling that frustration with his own nostalgia of a childhood raised in such a culture.

  • Biography

    Zach works to explore the intersection of handmade unique works and mass production techniques. His work often uses a combination of screen printed and hand painted layering, and his exploration of this intersection have led him to experiment with sculptural casting techniques, digital production, stencil and aerosol works, signage and mural brushwork. His visual style is informed by his graphic design and screen printing background. Zach has been exhibiting his works for the past 15 years in solo and group shows in Australia and Internationally.

  • Influences

    Barbara Kruger

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Zach Lawry

don't you forget about me
90 x 39 x 1 cm Acrylic on Board Sold