Vicki Briggs

Vicki Briggs

  • Artist’s Statement

    Like most people who migrate here, I have been enraptured by the light, air and beauty of the bush and the coast. I try to draw and paint the shapes of the things I see. The pandanus and its elephant skin trucks with those electric shards of green leaves. The native flowers that loop but spike and crinkle and snag. The enormous trees that hold umbrella clutches of small, small leaves. These things call on the mixing of charcoal, paint, graphite and ink. They take them on nicely. My artwork isn't earth shattering or awe inspiring. It is friendly and familiar. It is me.

  • Biography

    Vicki Briggs grew up in Ohio but has ‘grown’ into an Australian. Over the last 23 years, she has lived in Brisbane spending a lot of time with family in the Toowoomba ranges and beyond Chinchilla at Auburn Station. Vicki was given several tin palettes of watercolour paint as a child where she taught herself. Over the last four years, she has been studying at the Brisbane Art Institute.
    These courses have included the use of varied techniques and mediums but if pressed, her favourite would be watercolour.

  • Influences

    There are many artists that offer inspiration and influence. At the moment, I have been looking at the paintings of Australian Impressionists Frances Hodgkins and Kenneth Macqueen. I discovered these two while reading books I found at the library. The use of tone and layered brush strokes to depict landscapes especially are very interesting to me.

  • Awards

    Highly Commended, Brisbane Institute of Art 2021

  • Exhibitions

    ‘Eye of a Tourist’ - Solo Photography Exhibition at Movement Improvement Gallery Space, Coorparoo - February - September 2019
    ‘Watercolour and Beyond’ - Brisbane Institute of Art - July 2020
    ‘Foundations of Drawing and Painting’ - Brisbane Institute of Art - November 2020
    ‘Advanced Watercolour’ - Brisbane Institute of Art - February 2021
    ‘Advanced Watercolour’ - Brisbane Institute of Art - June 2021
    ‘Brisbane and Beyond’ - Richard Randall Studio, Mt Coot-the - August 2022
    Aspect Art Show, Goondiwindi - September 2022
    ‘Petite Pieces’ - Aspire Gallery, Bardon - December - February 2023
    Aspect Art Show, Goondiwindi - September 2023

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Vicki Briggs

The Bluff and the Rocks
38 x 51 cm Watercolour on Paper Sold