Tracey Schaeper

Tracey Schaeper

  • Artist’s Statement

    "I am inspired by the beauty of Australia and aim to convey this sense of movement and transformation in my artwork. Through my art, I hope to preserve a moment in time and all that surrounds us. My artistic process involves a deep connection with nature. I spend a lot of time outdoors observing, studying, and photographing the natural world, taking note of its colours, textures, and patterns with each changing season. I then bring these observations back to my studio where I begin to experiment with different techniques and materials.

    I use acrylic paint as my primary medium to create pieces that reflect the colors and textures of the natural world. My goal is to capture the essence of all that surrounds me so I can share it with others. I explore themes of growth, change, and transformation in my work. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of this world."

  • Biography

    Tracey Schaeper is an Australian artist who has explored various artistic avenues such as jewellery design, fibre art, resin art, and more.
    Her recent focus, however, has been based around acylic landscape painting and mixed media abstract art.
    Her latest collection, ‘Energy in Motion’ was recently exhibited at the Lockyer Valley Art Gallery.
    Tracey’s art is inspired by the natural world. Her most recent artworks are captivated with the Australian landscape. She is also currently working on bokeh inspired art, playing with how light refracts, plays on water and appears in reflections.
    To view her current portfolio of work, visit her Instagram page (@traceyschaeperart) or Facebook page (Tracey Schaeper Art).

  • Influences

    I grew up in Australia and I am constantly astounded by our remarkable land and am influenced by its natural beauty. Having travelled the world I have seen many amazing places, but none compare to Australia. Australia is a country that’s as diverse as it is beautiful – from the ochre-red outback, to the frosty summit of Cradle Mountain, to the white sands of the Whitsunday Islands and the pink lakes of Western Australia. The wildlife, the remoteness and the colours of this land inspire me.

  • Exhibitions

    "Energy In Motion" Lockyer Valley Art Gallery 19th May to 9th July, 2023

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Tracey Schaeper

Sunset on Yallingup Beach
40 x 60 x 3 cm an acrylic painting on canvas. $580.00

Tracey Schaeper

Ice on the Tundra
50 x 50 x 3 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $580.00