Susan Wellingham

Susan Wellingham

  • Artist’s Statement

    I live on a property near the town of Esk with my husband and two dogs. There is an endless supply of inspiration from the fauna and flora that surrounds me. I strive to capture a little part of the magic, often fragile and imperfect.
    I paint in a loose, whimsical style, using lots of water. Often the colours mix on the paper rather than the palette. The colours swirl and blend together producing unexpected results, just as in nature.

  • Biography

    For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to paint using watercolours. I was drawn to the whimsical, atmospheric characteristics of this medium. In 2019 I joined the Mt Beppo art group and decided to take along some old watercolour paints someone had given me, because they would be easy and light to carry. Thus began my journey into this amazing experience of painting with watercolours.

    Within two years I was brave enough to join in the group's exhibition. The following year 2022, I held a joint exhibition with a fellow watercolour artist.

    I decided that 2023 would be the year to get my work out there. I worked hard on social media platforms and launched a website with a retail line. I built an art studio on my property and recently opened it to my local community. I have submitted my paintings to galleries for exhibitions and been accepted! I have also enjoyed several sales in the process.

    It's only July. What else will this year bring for my arts practice?

  • Influences

    Impressionist artists especially Claude Monet
    Australian female artists especially Margaret Olley, Grace Cossington Smith and Vida Lahey

  • Exhibitions

    2023: June- Finalist in 'Rustle' @ Aspire Gallery

    March/April- Gallery Finalist in 'Petite Pieces' @ Aspire Gallery
    - On-line Finalist in 'Petite Pieces' @ Aspire Gallery

    2022: October- Joint exhibition 'The Wonderful Wild Two Sues' with Sue Howard
    @ Glen Rock Gallery & Information Centre

    2021: November- Group exhibition Mt Beppo Art Group @ Glen Rock Gallery &
    Information Centre

    2014: July- Solo exhibition 'Objects of Adornment' @ Logan Art Gallery

  • Website

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Susan Wellingham

Stay a While
76 x 57 x 0.02 cm Framed: 90 x 71.5 x 5 cm WATERCOLOUR $1,450.00

Susan Wellingham

Making Waves
51 x 35 x 0.02 cm Framed: 62 x 47 x 2 cm WATERCOLOUR $795.00