Sabine Kehoe

Sabine Kehoe

  • Artist’s Statement

    I drew and painted as a child in Germany, but it was during a three-year photography apprenticeship that I really learned to look. I awoke to the magic of light and the way in which it transforms shape and colour. I became tuned in to capturing the moment, and learned to appreciate that even the dullest of days and the most ordinary objects can be a source of beauty and transformation. Eventually I wanted to capture that wonder on canvas and began my painting journey. Physiotherapy gave me a good understanding of human anatomy to draw people. Retiring from my physiotherapy practice has given me the opportunity to devote myself energetically to the life of an artist.
    I have always been a ‘maker’. As a child I learned carpentry skills from my father and continue to enjoy making furniture and take a pride in making my own picture frames. 
    I trained and worked as a pilot which gives me a particular slant on landscape. Features can become small dots or take on a more significant perspective. A training pilot needs courage and I’m reminded of that when I push myself to take risks with my artwork. I have always been open to the new and the novel.

    I don’t confine myself to a particular style or subject matter but enjoy the cross fertilisation which occurs when I move between Realism and Impressionism, landscape and still life. Flowers continue to inspire me. Sometimes I like to push the colour pallet to increase the vibrancy and colour saturation. 
    An artist always depends on the influences of great masters. Monet was an early influence and I love Van Gogh’s pronounced brushstrokes and his use of yellow (his happy colour). Hans Heysen’s knobbly gumtrees are a delight, but my favourite Henson is ‘Sewing, the Artist’s Wife’ - it radiates a sense of calm. Contemporary artists who have influenced my practice include American Artist, Erin Hanson. Hanson uses impasto brushstrokes to create movement. Her use of colour has the impact of lead light or mosaic. 

  • Biography

    Borne in Germany she immigrated with Australia and became Australian.
    She now loves living and works in Toowoomba., where she opened her art Studio in 2015.
    Being a busy working mum, Sabine loves to reframe her every day moments
    Her work is heavily influenced by her professional photography trained eye and makes her detailed work stand out from others. 
    Sabine has been tutored by several Artists, including Todd Whisson, Rosslyn Hartwig, Paul McCormack and mentorship by Jacqueline Coates, participates at several McGregor summer/ Winter schools like: David Hinchcliffe, Donald Waters David Butterworth, Marcel Desbien, Deb Mostert and a Masterclass in Florence at the FAA (Florence academy of art) in 2022
    Sabine is an active member of the Toowoomba Art Society. 
    Her recent shared art exhibition at TAS and previous sole exhibition in Brisbane Paddington, Several shared exhibitions at the TAS. She exhibited multiple times at the Brisbane Rotay Art spectacular and Brisbane latest this year 2023,  Art Extravaganza, as well as the Toowoomba Art Society, Grammar School Art Exhibition, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and several others. 

  • Influences

    My latest influence is Errin Hanson with her bold statements of colour. I like the open impressionism .

  • Exhibitions

    2023 Journeys, shared Exhibition at TAS with Catherine Ketton.

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Sabine Kehoe

Autum Light
76 x 102 x 4 cm Oil on Canvas $1,200.00