Robyn Lees-West

Robyn Lees-West

  • Artist’s Statement

    Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2012 Robyn draws her inspiration from the noisy colourful birds that visit her at her home outside Melbourne. Combining this with an obsession with colour , pattern and retro fabric and a childhood fascination with Victorian Taxidermy Museums, she creates Faux Taxidermy birds from reclaimed and retro fabric.

    Robyn's birds contain many hours of hand stitching and embroidery, the fabric is manipulated in various ways to mimic feathers. Some birds are inspired by real birds , mainly native to Australia, some are straight from her imagination.
    Each of Robyn’s birds are unique & have their own character. Some of them wear hats.

  • Biography

    I studied Art and Design in the UK but then worked as a project manager with minimal time for my art. Moving to Australia has given me the time and inspiration to go back to my first love of making. I love working in textiles , the colour , pattern and the ways you can manipulate the fabric to your will.

    I suffer from depression and find sitting and hand sewing is therapy for me. Focusing on embroidery is like mindfulness or meditation. I feel very lucky that I get to do what I most enjoy every day.

    With my birds I am trying to capture their essence . A tilt of the head, a certain look or pose, a flash of colour or a raised wing. I’m not sure about the hats , sometimes they just seem to need one.

    I want my birds to bring joy and there is no greater reward than seeing someone's face light up when they see them for the first time.

  • Awards

    Special Mention, Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery | 2023

    Finalist, Inside This Box Exhibition, Corner Store Gallery | 2023

  • Exhibitions

    Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, QLD | 2023

    Textile Palette Exhibition, The Warehouse Clunes | 2023

    Inside This Box Exhibition, Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW | 2023

    Eltham Art Show | 2022

    Small Works Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery | 2022

    50 x 50 Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery | 2021

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Robyn Lees-West

Don't Look Back
16 x 12 x 12 cm Reclaimed Textile $275.00

Robyn Lees-West

Deely Bopper Canary
17 x 12 x 12 cm Reclaimed Textile $275.00

Robyn Lees-West

Moho Canary
16 x 12 x 12 cm Reclaimed Textile $275.00