Rick Everingham

Rick Everingham

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have a very simple philosophy. Our society seems intent on expressing disturbing images, and I do not wish to add to them. My paintings must be peaceful, and uplifting to the spirit.
    I have always been concerned with the passage of time on the surfaces we experience in our lives. I am intrigued by the physical appearance of places, and their patina of history, but I also try to express the subtleties of my experience of being there. I like to create works that remind me that simple beauty is still in existence, wherever I choose to find it.
    For almost 30 years I have been exploring Italy, with its endless supply of beautiful subject matter. We lived in Tuscany in a small village for 11 years, and still have a property there. Wherever I go I find certain images, or certain situations, or subtleties, or colours, that strongly appeal to me. The aim of my painting is simply to communicate these feelings to others as clearly as possible.

  • Biography

    Born in Sydney in 1945 Rick Everingham has progressively establishing himself as a successful and respected artist. Since his first one-man exhibition in 1970 Rick has worked continuously as a painter, with numerous exhibitions in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and international shows in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and in Italy in Soiana and San Gimignano.
    His paintings are generally oil on board or canvas, imbued with a sense of subtle light and a feeling for the peaceful ambience of particular places. His love of reflections, patinas on walls, and interesting windows and doors, has persisted as subject material from the beginning of his career.
    A painting trip to Italy in 1991 brought about a major shift in focus, with annual Italian trips following. In 1999 Rick and his wife purchased a house in Tuscany, living there for 11 years. This enabled him to generally immerse himself in the Italian culture, producing a large series of “Italian” paintings.

  • Influences

    Impressionists, Monet, Degas, Cezanne
    Australian, Lloyd Rees, Max Meldrum, Ray Crooke

  • Awards

    1972 Orange Art Purchase (N.S.W)
    1972 Winner Redcliffe Art Prize (QLD)
    1973 Winner Redcliffe Art Prize (QLD)
    1974 Winner Redcliffe Art Prize (QLD)
    1976 Winner American Bicentennial Prize (QLD)
    1980 Winner Stanthorpe Art Prize (QLD)
    1992 Finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
    2015 Finalist in the Paddington Art Prize, Sydney
    2016 Winner Best Oil painting - Local Artist - Local Subject Prize - Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
    2016 Finalist in Stanthorpe Art Prize
    2020 Finalist in Brisbane Portrait Prize

  • Exhibitions

    124 one-man exhibitions, in mainly Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle & Melbourne
    International exhibitions in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and in Italy in Soiana and San Gimignano.

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Rick Everingham

Morning at the Farm
60 x 90 cm Framed: 77 x 88 cm Oil on board Sold