Petra Cross

Petra Cross

  • Artist’s Statement

    In colour or black and white, I endeavour to evoke a sense of calm and stillness for the viewer to experience. My photography is designed to capture the minute and intricate detail of an ever-changing world of nature, in particular flora. Moving from realism towards fine art photography.

  • Biography

    A majority of my life has been spent living on the Darling Downs where I have studied and experimented in photography. My love of this art form started when I had the opportunity to learn techniques used in the making traditional dark room prints. Subsequently, I completed further study in both, photography and the application of Adobe Photoshop, at TAFE. Although, my work is primarily printed on fine art paper such as cotton rag, I enjoy adding layers, such as silver leaf, to create texture and dimension.

  • Influences

    Currently I am influenced by a strong need for a moment of reflection; a chance to breathe and contemplate. Artists Diana Brambila and Konsta Punkka demonstrate the tranquility of nature.

  • Exhibitions

    FACETS: an Art Exhibition at Fairholme 2021
    RME Downlands Exhibition 2021
    Grammar Art Show 2022
    FACETS: an Art Exhibition at Fairholme 2022

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Petra Cross

Pink Magnolia
76 x 76 x 3 cm Photography, Metallic Paper, Fully Framed Sold

Petra Cross

84 x 71 x 12 cm Photography, Art Rag Fully Framed Sold