Marina McIntyre

Marina McIntyre

  • Artist’s Statement

    i work with my hands, my brain and my heart.
    Inspiration comes from Colour, Design, Nature, Texture and the way light penetrates and or reflects off the surface of glass.
    Environmental colours and tones from the outback or the coastal regions continually present a myriad of options.
    Boundaries are there to be pushed whether in construction, temperature ( very high to low) , manipulation (torchwork, carving, raking, stretching etc), finishing ( sandblasting, coldworking )
    Investigations into the use of recycled glass are being explored currently - its beauty, its unpredictable behaviour and reuse a waste product.
    Complementary materials are used to enhance or frame the glass pieces.(In collaboration with a local woodworker "the Wog")
    I create both functional and non functional pieces ...
    - That may or may not be delicate
    - Are often unique
    - Are often textured
    - Chase depth and movement
    - Display a variety of styles and techniques
    - Have the more factor - always check the back !

  • Biography

    An introduction to the magical beauty of glass began in 2013 by a gifted artist of the Pioneer Valley via Mackay - Grace McDonald - Azure Glass, Marian.
    Since the early days, I have attended many courses within Australia and overseas to develop skills, techniques and attempt to understand the behaviour of this amorphous material - glass.
    Courses with Shar Moorman - Australia Sculptured Glass - have been intense, rewarding and a privilege to work with such a knowledgeable and talented Queensland artist.
    I am Queensland based floating between my HIghfields, Toowoomba workshop (Mosspit Glass) and Azure Glass's, Marian workshops.

  • Influences

    The transformational abilities of this material to reflect the environment we exist in, via colour, texture and design.

    Narcissus Quagliata
    Kristie Rae
    Klaus Moje
    Odki (Torchworker, France)

  • Exhibitions

    Current ongoing display at Cedar Gallery, Eungella. North Queensland
    Private Exhibition - Marian, Queensland - November 2021

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Marina McIntyre

Golden Keys, Oboes and Pianos - Trio 1
4 x 24 x 24 cm Kiln Form Glass $580.00

Marina McIntyre

Golden Keys, Oboes and Pianos - Trio 2
5 x 26 x 26 cm Kiln Form Glass $580.00

Marina McIntyre

Golden Keys, Oboes and Pianos - Trio 3
3 x 18 x 18 cm Kiln Form Glass $280.00

Marina McIntyre

32 x 21 x 1 cm Framed: 34 x 27 x 10cm Kiln Form Glass $720.00