Marilyn Johnstone

Marilyn Johnstone

  • Biography

    I began my art journey in 2019 after attending a prophetic art elective here in Toowoomba.
    I started with Watercolour and  loved the medium, despite its unforgiving nature.
     In 2023 I embarked on a year  long online art course under the direction of Phill Davis where I discovered a love for pastels among other mediums. I loved Phil’s teaching style which encouraged me to press deeper into the creative world. 
    I enjoy botanical works as well as the animal kingdom. 
    As I love expressing myself through detail, these  two subjects offer me opportunity to hone my creative flair.
    Drawing with pastels and painting with watercolour have opened up a whole new world of creativity and joy.

  • Influences

    English artist Phil Davies has inspired me to press deeper into the art world and to explore different mediums. 
    David Rogers a Canada watercolour artist who offers online classes, inspired me in my  early days of discovering the joy I’d watercolour.
    I recently had an opportunity to do a two day workshop here in Toowoomba with Lyn Diefenvach.  Lyn easy teaching style sparked a deeper love for using pastels.

  • Awards


  • Exhibitions

    St Barts has a small display of art at Easter time with a suggested theme.
    I have participated in this twice now.

  • Website

    I don’t have a web site-

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Marilyn Johnstone

475 x 345 x 2 cm Framed: 483 x 353 x 2 cm Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils $650.00