Mal Mcilwraith

Mal Mcilwraith

  • Artist’s Statement

    Mal’s images represent predominantly his attempt to order his view of the world around him. While most of the images evolve out of the ideas surrounding the Australian landscape, Mal includes a metaphorical element in many images which express his concern for the fragility of the natural world. Mal approaches his ideas with a willingness to transform landforms and nature to tell his story of concern. He thinks of his images as visual poetry, where multiple meanings could be attributed to any given image.

  • Biography

    I was born in 1953 and studied Art at Underdale Campus, Adelaide in the early 1980's.

  • Influences

    Oskar Kokoschka
    Lloyd Rees
    Fred Williams

    Christopher Brennan
    John Shaw Neilson

    Bob Dylan
    Richard Clapton
    Leonard Cohen
    John Mayall

  • Exhibitions

    Mal has had only one exhibition of his work which was in June 2024 at The Starving Artist Collaborative in Toowoomba.

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Mal Mcilwraith

Australian Forms
50 x 101 x 4 cm Acrylic $1,100.00