Maggie Lattimore

Maggie Lattimore

  • Artist’s Statement

    Maggie experiments with the balance of symmetry and positive and negative space through her lino prints. Multi-step reduction techniques and some use of colour combines to produce engaging prints.

  • Biography

    Maggie is currently a Yr. 12 art students at Fairholme College, Toowoomba. She is particularly interested in line drawing and lino prints. She takes inspiration from architecture, especially buildings of significant interest. Maggie is currently the Fairholme Visual Arts Captain and has entered in several local exhibitions.

  • Influences

    Dr. Rhi Johnson - Lecturer in Printmaking, UniSQ

  • Awards

    1st place - Toowoomba Arts Society/ Chronicle - Junior Arts Exhibition
    (Print Making Section)

    3rd place - Facets of Fairholme SOFA Current Student Award

  • Exhibitions

    UniSQ Future Visions 2022, 2023
    Facets of Fairholme - 2022, 2023
    Toowoomba Arts Society/Chronicle - Junior Arts Exhibition 2021

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Maggie Lattimore

Palais Royal, Paris
30 x 42 x 3 cm Linoprint $300.00

Maggie Lattimore

Our Empire
30 x 42 x 3 cm Linoprint Sold