Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

  • Artist’s Statement

    This painting is the story of Arekwarr - Wild Pigeon Dreaming. It is a very important story belonging to my country Ilkawerne, Northern Territory. The circle in the middle represents a rockhole and the parellel lines are travelling lines between rockholes. The arrows are wild pigeon footprints.

  • Biography

    A proud Aboriginal artist from the Utopia Region north east of Alice Springs and an important tribal leader. Lindsay started painting in 1987. His work is detailed and refined and his subjects include bush food, birds, carpet snakes and witchetty grubs. Lindsay's work is in major Museum collections in Australia and the USA.

  • Influences

    Lindsay began painting with the Utopia Batik movement in 1987. Iconic female artists Gloria Petyarre and Ada Bird were painting with the group at that time.

  • Exhibitions

    Major Museum collections in Australia including Parliament House, National Galllery of Australia and the Homes a Court Collection. Many overseas collections including the Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica USA

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Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Wild Pigeon Dreaming
90 x 120 x 15 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $3,750.00