Lane Pilon

Lane Pilon

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have explored many different styles and mediums to date. This has provided a somewhat eclectic but very personal collection of artworks expressed through clay, mixed media, collage, watercolour, acrylic and oils. As my knowledge and skills develop so does my confidence and desire to capture my thoughts and views of the world in a tangible form. As works of art lift my heart, I hope that others will find connection in my work.

  • Biography

    My husband and I live on 50 acres in the lovely Lockyer Valley. In 2019 a number of significant events occurred which resulted in a course change in my life. I gave up full time work and found myself with the time, focus and energy to explore the creative world and my place within it. I was nervous when I first picked up an artist’s brush, full of self-doubt. I persevered and found, to my joy, that I absolutely loved the creative process, marvelling as ideas came to life through paint, mixed media and, later, clay.

  • Influences

    I take inspiration from many sources but particularly from nature and our place within it. The work of other creatives is always inspiring and collectively influences my art journey - expanding my thinking with the endless possibilities.

  • Exhibitions

    I have been fortunate enough to show and sell a number of my paintings and subsequently received a number of commissions - which have proved both challenging and affirming. It is thrilling and totally uplifting to see something from your own hand and heart displayed in someone’s home or business. As a relatively new artist I have sought to exhibit my work through local and regional shows, predominantly the Foothills Festival and the Hampton Festival.

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Lane Pilon

Beautiful Girl #1
91 x 61 x 4 cm Framed: 92 x 62 x 4 cm Acrylic $1,200.00

Lane Pilon

Passing Through
76 x 102 x 4 cm Acrylic $550.00