Kiki Blundell

Kiki Blundell

  • Artist’s Statement

    Influenced with a dash of Kiki’s ’80’s child’, vibrant colours and optimism. Kiki prefers to use recycled and reclaimed materials where ever possible. And hopes to encourage others to examine what they value and how they use and care for it. With partner  Ben’s practical skill and knowledge helping to elevate Kiki’s big imaginings to new levels. Kiki hopes these creations capture peoples imaginations, hearts and stokes their passion for recycling.

  • Biography

    Queensland born and based Creative and Artist, Kiki Blundell is passionate about championing the environment, the Queensland Art Community and pretty much any oddball animal or plant with a clearance tag she comes across. 
    With a support team consisting of Builder, problem solver extraordinaire and Jack of all Trades Ben and ‘closer than your shadow and awfully needy’ site supervisor, Mister the Staffy. Together they attempt to move ever further into a sustainable lifestyle and create all kinds of wonderful Sculpture and Creative Solutions. 
    Kiki also volunteers her time and is passionate about creating supportive creative communities, supporting fellow Artists, particularly regional Artists and connecting fellow Artists with resources and assistance. 
    Please feel free to email any enquiries. And follow along with us Three Bears either here or on our instagram account. 

  • Influences

    Arte Povera.
    Australian artists John Davis and Rosalie Gascoigne. 
    The Optimism, fairytales, cartoon heroes and vivid bright colours of her childhood. 
    A passion for Conservation and Recycling. 

  • Awards

    2021 Brisbane Sculpture Festival, Philip Bacon Judges Encouragement Award. 

  • Exhibitions

    Contact 2020. 
    Vacant Assembly Gallery West End. October 2020. 
    Sculptors Queensland 2021 Brisbane Sculpture Festival. June 2021.

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Kiki Blundell

Eco Nostalgia
204 x 100 x 100 cm Sculpture assembled with reclaimed and recycled materials. $1,200.00

Kiki Blundell

Bitter Pill to Swallow
25 x 32 x 15 cm Sculpture made from recycled and reclaimed materials $650.00

Kiki Blundell

Everything is A-OK
32 x 26 x 6 cm Assemblage Sculpture, made of reclaimed materials Sold

Kiki Blundell

'Garden Of Our Making'
100 x 100 x 70 cm Sculpture made with reclaimed materials $1,200.00