Kelly Charles

Kelly Charles

  • Artist’s Statement

    In essence, my artistic journey centres on creating lively still life compositions that exude joy and capturing portraits that deeply resonate, provoking contemplation and a profound sense of admiration. Through my art, my aspiration is to convey these emotions and infuse the world with a touch of beauty and wonder, fostering a sense of appreciation for the world that surrounds us.

  • Biography

    Born in north-western Tasmania, I am now living my best life in beautiful Toowoomba, Queensland.

    Life without art is not something I could ever imagine. I recall my father saying to me years ago that he lives to eat. Well, I'm sure that's not me although I do love a good feed, but I do know that I live to paint. Every day I want to get my creativity on and whilst it's not always a work of art, I am creating and that feeds my soul.

    I am a realist contemporary painter and I mostly paint with oil and acrylic. My inspiration comes from life around me. I am mostly a self-taught artist having drawn and painted for years as a hobby.

  • Influences

    Michael Zavros
    Margaret Olley
    Wayne Thiebaud

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Kelly Charles

Cluster of Cherries
30 x 30 x 5 cm Framed: 33 x 33 x 6 cm Oil on canvas framed in timber frame $295.00

Kelly Charles

Audrey Ellsworth: What have I done.
Framed: 46 x 39.5 x 30 cm Oil on canvas paper, ornate wooden frame and glass $480.00

Kelly Charles

Michael Franks' eggplants
30 x 40 x 3 cm Framed: 34 x 44 x 5 cm Oil on board with wooden frame $295.00