Judy Currie

Judy Currie

  • Artist’s Statement

    In pursuit of a meaningful, challenging and creative involvement I began painting in watercolour in 2018. Drawing followed and just in the last year – pastels, all the while seeking out teachers, tutors and opportunities to learn until it is now a necessary and fulfilling part of my life, all the while offering up the challenges and frustrations necessary to learning.

    Surrounded as we are in Queensland by beautiful country, landscapes and colour draw me and I continue to explore ways to give expression on paper to the story and beauty of the bush and its surrounds – its textures and colours whether in drought or in the aftermath of rains.

    Watercolour – granulating and transparent, the brilliant colour of pastel, perhaps underpainted for added effect have so far provided me the means to do this. While landscape and colour always underpins my love of art practice I enjoy exploring ways to represent flowers, animals and the built environment. Impression is more important to me than exactness giving me a broader domain of creativity to explore.

  • Biography

    I began painting after a demanding teaching career which I loved. I chose watercolour painting despite no prior art experience. It has been a therapy, a contrast to my work, maintaining the values and essence of the old ‘me’. It is something I love, that encourages continual appreciation of the natural world.

    I have a Science degree and teaching diploma but no formal art studies!
    I began classes in 2018 in Toowoomba with Roslyn Hartwig then joined Sue McMaster for drawing and have continued classes ever since. I have also taken workshops with Karol Oakley, John Lovett, Jan Lawnikanis, Deb Mostert, Jane Blundell and Annette Raff.

    I am on the Warwick Art Gallery management committee and have supported home schooled students and women with a disability. I am on the Endeavour Foundation SW Qld Area Committee and an advocate for those with disabilities.

    Most importantly I am a mum to two wonderful young men one of whom lives with a significant disability and supported by my wonderful husband.

  • Influences

    Art has only recently come into my life with family, community, science and education being all involving up until now. I enjoy the work of John Olsen, Margaret Preston, Fred Williams, Albert Namatjira, Hans Heysen. Colour use, light, imaginative and sensitive impression all drawn from an enormous depth of knowledge, understanding and practice are what draws me to their art at this stage in my learning. It is important and helpful to me to see how Australian artists represent what is Australia –

  • Awards

    No awards

  • Exhibitions

    Group: Condamine Country Art trail 2020,
    Country Miniatures 2020; Biennial Exhibition 2020 Warwick Artist Group, Warwick Art Gallery;
    Sixty Years in the Making, Warwick Artist Group, 2022, Warwick Art Gallery;
    Life Patterns, Warwick Artist Group, Warwick Art Gallery, 2023;
    Art@StMArks 2020 – 2023;

    Towards Knowledge Excellence and Service, Warwick Art Gallery ;
    (Spoke alongside Annette Raff at the Condamine Country Art Trail dinner during this exhibition);

    Commissions – have completed six commissioned watercolour paintings.

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Judy Currie

Orchard Butterfly
37 x 27 cm Watercolour on Paper $460.00

Judy Currie

Colours of Porcupine Gorge, Hughenden
31 x 40 cm Pastel underpainted with acrylic ink on pastelmat $520.00

Judy Currie

Ghost gums in the outback.
31 x 40 cm Pastel underpainted with acrylic ink on pastelmat $520.00