Jennifer Wright (Summers)

Jennifer Wright (Summers)

  • Artist’s Statement

    These urns acknowledge the complex interwoven layers and express gratitude for the storylines on county where this heritage-listed Chir pine planted in 1850 to celebrate Toowoomba's Royal Show. Now standing at the entrance of Cobb & Co, I collected these needles while working on a Public Art Project.
    These weavings honour my settler ancestors and all those who cared for this country.

  • Biography

    I have always made art and taken ideas from careers in science, environmental issues and the importance of of acknowledging the history of this country as in the 2012 Flying Art piece Impact of Colonisation, As Artist in residence at the EcoSciences precinct I wove a large weaving based on the changing climate over the past 100 years.
    My niche is Public Art experienced through Arts Council Toowoomba projects.

  • Influences

    The need to tell the truth about our country, its long history of the earth, our first people and how we are all part of a global ecosystem.
    I need to make art from materials others would throw away.

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Jennifer Wright (Summers)

Are we ready?
155 x 76 x 4 cm Acrylic and mixed media on linen $360.00