Helen Hutton

Helen Hutton

  • Artist’s Statement

    “I would describe my artistic style as bold, colourful and expressive with a love of large, fluid brushstrokes. I really enjoy the physicality of mark-making; of using a ‘whole body approach’ to create. It can be exhausting, but I feel it is that inter-play which helps define and capture an important sense of energy and movement within a work. My goal is less about replicating the immediate environment and more about communicating the emotion or sense of place each subject provides.”

  • Biography

    Helen (May) Hutton was born, raised and schooled in the Monto region of Central Queensland. She has strong ties locally and is passionate about bringing art and cultural experiences into rural and regional communities. Having travelled and worked away, Helen has spent the last 10 years once again residing in the Monto district and is now a practicing artist and local relief teacher.

    After a 20-year hiatus from the easel, (wherein she had previously majored in large-scale monochromatic life-drawing at university) Helen picked up a brush at the age of 40 and began to teach herself to paint. It is through this media, where she has now found comfort and joy in colour.

    Helen has been involved in Arts and Education for over 20 years. She holds two degrees; a Bachelor of Visual Art, majoring in Fine Art and a Bachelor of Learning Management.

  • Influences

    “I am deeply connected to the beautiful landscapes that wrap around Monto and
    the differentiation in colour that each season brings.”

  • Exhibitions

    2023 – ‘Perspectives of the North Burnett’ Group Exhibition, Munduberra
    2022 - 'Design CQ' Group Exhibition – Touring Bundaberg, Mackay, Brisbane
    2022 - 'Unravelled' Solo Exhibition, Rockhampton
    2021 - 'The Harvest' Exhibition, Monto

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Helen Hutton

61 x 61 x 3 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $1,149.00