Elise Heather Woods

Elise Heather Woods

  • Artist’s Statement

    My latest body of work explores how the behaviours of neurodivergent people can be perceived as strange and can generate a feeling of discomfort for the neurotypical person and vice versa. I feel neurodivergent 'eccentricities' need to be taken into consideration more often because operating in a world designed for and by neurotypicals is exhausting. Through my experiences of being neurodivergent I am able to present mixed media sculptures insects and creatures, generating an environment that addresses the stigma surrounding ASD & ADHD.

    Although being autistic is not all I am, it does define a large part of how I interact and interpret with the world. The way my brain operates means I’m drawn to the details in things, not just the overall. I notice the little hairs on a spider’s legs or the shimmer of a wing and find those details beautiful and interesting.

    My art has been developed through years of play and multiple different techniques including embroidery, sewing, sculpting, paper mache and painting.

  • Biography

    Elise Heather is a Toowoomba based mixed media and textile artist who makes out of her home based studio in Wilsonton. Her works are inspired by nature, the unseen & forgotten and her experiences with ASD. Elise is a self taught artist who, over the past 10 years, has developed her own techniques of mixing second hand fibres and fabric with other materials to create one of a kind sculptural pieces. Her techniques have been honed through years of play and multiple different crafts including embroidery, sewing, sculpting, paper mache and painting.

  • Influences

    Nature, small life, hidden worlds, neurodivergence, societal expectations & unwritten rules, human interaction, self reflection.

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibition - Do I make you uncomfortable?
    Solo exhibition at Rosalie Gallery Goombungee - 8/2 - 5/3 2023
    Solo Exhibition Orange wall Gallery Warwick Art Gallery - 13/6 - 13/7 2024
    Dogwood Crossing Miles - Upcoming solo exhibition - 2025

    Grammar Art Show Exhibitor - 2024
    Mayo Arts Festival Exhibitor - 2022

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Elise Heather Woods

Entrapped - Trapped in a prison of your own making
120 x 40 x 30 cm Textile Art Sculpture - Fabric, wire, thread, card, poly stuffing, glue. $600.00

Elise Heather Woods

In Your Dreams
33 x 33 x 10 cm Mixed Media on Canvas - Fabric, yarn, paper, felted wool, acrylic paint. $450.00