Eduard Schumann

Eduard Schumann

  • Artist’s Statement

    My photography is about the natural world and the landscape as I experience it when I am traveling and exploring the world.

    I seek to share the excitement I feel when I see interesting, surprising, and sometimes beautiful landscapes, nature and other things that catch my eye.

    My work is minimally edited, with cropping and minor adjustments to reflect what I have seen.

  • Biography

    I am a hobby photographer, currently based in Tennessee in the USA.

    I was a past student at Harristown State High and, what was then, the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education.

    In my younger days I was interested in sketching and pencil drawing, but since 2017 have become heavily invested in photography.  While I photograph a variety of subjects, my preferred photography is of landscapes and wildlife.

  • Influences

    Nigel Danson (
    James Popsys (
    Duade Patton (

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Eduard Schumann

Turner Farms
297 x 420 cm Digital Photograph $200.00

Eduard Schumann

297 x 420 cm Digital Photograph $200.00