Donna Hockey

Donna Hockey

  • Artist’s Statement

    Donna is a realist charcoal artist portraying the essence of rural life. Charcoal drawing has enabled her to find a voice with which to express her love for rural life.

  • Biography

    Donna grew up in Alderney, Brisbane. She enjoyed art at school and discovered a love of drawing, but it wasn’t until years later when she and her family moved to a property near Surat that she got the opportunity to explore her talent further. Joining a local art group lead by Kathy Ellem, she took to charcoal drawing on canvas like a duck to water, finding a new joy in a passion that had been kept on the back burner for years. Unfortunately life stepped in the way again, the little group at Surat disbanded and Donna was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It was drawing that helped to keep her mind clear and take her to another happier place. During the treatment Donna eventually had a joint exhibition with Kathy Ellem in 2019 at Surat on Balonne Gallery, Surat. It was one of her career highlights.

  • Influences

    Kathy Ellem
    Betty Searle
    Catherine Clark Dowden
    Mark Coombe
    David John

  • Awards

    Bell Art Exhibition- Riding Free Highly Commended 2021
    Cattlework 2nd place 2022
    Along for the Ride Highly commended 2022
    Roma Easter Show- 2020 1st place Yester years
    The Doyle’s Art- Bare Necessities 2023

  • Exhibitions

    Surat on Balonne Gallery, Surat 2019

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Donna Hockey

Can I Come?
61 x 61 x 4 cm Framed: 64 x 64 x 5 cm Charcoal on canvas Sold

Donna Hockey

Bare Necessities
46 x 92 x 4 cm Framed: 50 x 95 x 4 cm Charcoal on canvas Sold

Donna Hockey

What ya doin?
102 x 76 x 4 cm Framed: 105 x 79 x 5 cm Charcoal on canvas $1,800.00