Cornelia Opperman

Cornelia Opperman

  • Artist’s Statement

    In my artwork I enjoy expressing what I see in an abstract realistic way, combined with natural elements by using different mediums

  • Biography

    Cornelia immigrated from South Africa in 2015. She haven't had any previous art background or experience. In 2020 a very traumatic experience, changed their lives and her self taught art journey started as Neeltjie Art.

    She loves vibrant mixed media art, with a passion for resin, alcohol inks, acrylics, textiles, natural earth materials and mixed media mediums to create one of a kind art works. You will find a diverse collection in her studio filled with vibrant colour, texture and dimension.

    She finds joy in sharing her knowledge and assists students to develop their skills and explore their own styles in her workshops.

    She enjoys the calming effect of the beach, sunsets, nature and this is visible through her artwork.

  • Influences

    Abstract artists like AB Creative, Katie Alize Art, Wooddesign by Lorrie inspires me with their skills and courage to try different techniques. This motivates me to use my 4 years of experience in the variety of mediums and imagination to incorporare new mediums to my art work. This enables me to create one of a kind creations.

    God is the master Artist and each day I admire each sunset and sunrise. Werever I go, I feel inspired and take what nature has to offer and use it in my art.

  • Awards

    Upcoming artist and haven't enrolled in any yet.

  • Exhibitions

    As an upcoming artist I only participated in one.

    Toowoomba Art Society 2024 40x40 exhibition

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Cornelia Opperman

45 x 45 x 3 cm Mixed Media on Canvas/Acrylic/Resin/Textured medium/Sand/Pebbles $550.00