Claire Howden

Claire Howden

  • Artist’s Statement

    Beauty in mess
    Happiness in colour
    Balance in simplicity
    Healing in nature and
    Optimism through growth

    My art has evolved from being something to do while I heal to being the thing that does the healing.  As we are often told when we are settling in to Meditation, my work takes the viewer to the places that I feel most at home and that are of great personal significance.  
    Drawing from experiences with my family, now and while growing up, I love the sweeping textures in windy skies, the rhythmic ebb and flow of rivers and the power and romance of the waves in the ocean. 
    Preferring to create art that shows my love of the natural environment, I am most energised painting en plain air; I feel a distinct peace when outdoors surrounded by the vibrancy of colour, particularly blues and greens.
    Regularly choosing objects and places that have shaped who I am as person, and artist, I love to hear my audience relate their own memories to the ones I have represented. 
    My work is about invoking feelings of familiarity and comfort in the viewer using happy times and places to heal and bring joy.  
    My watercolour and pastel paintings often make me feel bold and brave in their use of colour.  They show vibrancy and the willingness to always grow and try something new. 
    Endless possibilities. 
    Blue sky thinking. 

  • Biography

    I started taking lessons in watercolours at Murray's Art and Framing in 2017, after being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, as a way to switch off during my active treatment phase. 
    I have more recently experimented with soft pastels and enjoy the way both mediums can be used to add texture and depth to pieces of work. 
    I am drawn to the natural environment and particularly love the range of colours that can be seen in the ocean and sky. 

  • Influences

    The impressionists, particularly Australian, including John Russell, Frederick McCubbin and Arthur Streeton. 
    I’m also inspired by current artists including Roslyn Hartwig, Suzanne McMaster, David Hinchcliffe, Karol Oakley, Penelope Gilbert Ng and Tony Allain. 

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Claire Howden

Cook Island , Fingal Head
33 x 47.5 x 0.5 cm Framed: 45 x 59.5 x 2.5 cm Soft Pastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat $640.00