Chris "Macca" McKenzie

  • Artist’s Statement

    As an artist his exuberant drive springs from his joy to create. His exemplay is nature and her natural elements and materials. A lover of light, colour, shape, space and texture and the wise selection and arrangement of these in sculptural & pictorial form, preoccupy his passion to perpetually make art.

  • Biography

    Macca, born in the scorching Australian outback developed an unwavering passion for nature amidst sprawling sunsets, creeks, and crackling campfires. From the age of 5, he channelled his artistic talents into capturing the essence of the world through intricate lines, vibrant colours and expressive forms.
    Dedicated to painting, drawing and sculpting, Macca immortalises the beauty of nature's landscapes, creatures, and people throughout his meandering wanderlust life.

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Chris "Macca" McKenzie

Best Mate
34 x 32 cm Framed: 54 x 53 x 4 cm Original Watercolour $4,500.00