Cecelia Krieg

Cecelia Krieg

  • Artist’s Statement

    As an artist I want to capture the beauty of the landscape I lived in, the garden I grew and the feelings these elements bring to my life. I want to paint beauty, and gentleness not the reality of a hard life on the land and a difficult world environment.

  • Biography

    I have been painting for many years and use many mediums to achieve my artwork. Now living in Pittsworth, I am very involved with the Pittsworth Art Gallery and the group of artist who regularly meet there.

  • Influences

    In both abstracts and realism I try to capture the feelings of what is around me. Influences vary as circumstances change so I am always striving for more complete works of art.

Showing the single artwork

Cecelia Krieg

Roses and Cream
110 x 80 x 5 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $800.00