Bambang P Eryanto

Bambang P Eryanto

  • Biography

    I was born in 1960, in a small town in Central Java, the name of his village Kandangan, if looking at a map would not exist. From a simple family, my parents are teachers who always teach good things and god-fearing and honest attitude to the gods.I painted the autodidact, has since the year 1976, until now, although this is a hobby, I always do with sincerity, in addition to some of my other busyness.Beside paintings also develop crafts from recycle materials. Several times the exhibitions, including solo exhibitions.

  • Influences

    1. th 1998-Up to now, Owner and Manager Gallery BPE Paintings- Arts
    2. th 1999-Up to now, Owner and Manager Workshop Sensatiocraft –Recycle Craft
    3. th 2008-Up to now,Active Paintings and Recycle Craft industry, as Instructor, Designer and Advisor.

  • Exhibitions

    1. 1978-Joint Painting Exhibition in Temanggung
    2. 1978-Winner in Painting Contest, Jawa Tengah-Indonesia
    3. 1980-Joint Painting Exhibition di Semarang
    4. 2000-Joint Painting Exhibition in Lobby Depparpostel Jakarta
    5. 2002-Solo Painting Exhibition in WTC Jakarta
    6. 2002-Joint Painting Exhibition in Hotel Sahid Jakarta
    7. 2002-Painting Auction in
    8. 2004-Painting and Art Craft Exhibition in WTC Jakarta
    9. 2006-Solo Painting Exhibition in Gallery Millenium Jakarta-Curator-Sudjud Dartanto

    Recycle Craft.
    1.2008-Collaboration, Sensatiocraft and Oshibana in Japan Foundation.
    2.2009-Trainning Recycle Craft in Rural community surrounding Bogor,West Java.
    3.2011-Winner Design Award-For The most Innovative Use Recycle Material- Architecture Magazine
    4.2011-Educate Marginal People, in Craft Recycle, around West Java
    5.2012-Sensatiocraft Product Introduction–Craft Exploring -Gold Coast- -Sydney-Melbourne.
    6.2012-Distributed Social Lamp-Crystal Lamp For thousands of Worship, around Indonesia.

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Bambang P Eryanto

110 x 100 x 3 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $950.00