Angela Joyce

Angela Joyce

  • Artist’s Statement

    Having grown up on the land and always feeling an incredible tie to the elements; to the flora and fauna; the colours of the seasons; the light and shade - these components comprise the most important influences in my artistic expression. Perhaps this is why my chosen medium works so well with these - taking something that had reached its end and giving it life again. Much like the land - and us - something has to reach its end in order to give once more. The result is unique; bold, yet beautiful statement pieces that depict this intrinsic connection.

  • Biography

    My name is Ang, of ‘Rose Hill Collective’. I am a wife to a great man and Mum to 4 lively, wonderful young sons. I am a qualified primary teacher and midwife, but more recently, I have been painting again. 

    I started painting skulls as a one off project. When we stoned the fireplace in our new home, my husband [Steve] suggested we put a skull above the mantle. I felt a bare skull would look too plain and perhaps a bit out of place with our ‘Hamptons / country’ decor. He suggested I paint one in colours to suit our home as a feature piece, which I agreed *may* work. I was able to source a skull out of the NT, designed a motif & painted it - and found it was a lovely addition to our home! I was encouraged by friends and family to continue painting - and I did - and I have continued sourcing and painting skulls since then, with most of my work being commissions.

    My skulls are ethically sourced from many different suppliers and locations around Australia and a number from the USA. I have also had the privilege of transforming ‘paddock condition’ skulls; seeing the entire process of skull restoration, horn shining, artistic design and painting. 

    It has been the most lovely honour to paint pieces for many clients that I have never met and to have now sent some of my pieces to far reaching locations across Australia.

  • Influences

    There are a number of influences that inspire my work including western art; tooled leather carving designs; filagree motifs; feathers; local wildflowers and American Aztec motifs.

  • Exhibitions

    Hampton Food and Arts Festival [2023]

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Angela Joyce

The Outlaw
95 x 55 x 25 cm Acrylic $1,850.00

Angela Joyce

Indiana Sun
55 x 132 x 30 cm Acrylic $1,950.00