Adrian Kraatz

Adrian Kraatz

  • Artist’s Statement

    A close observation of nature as well an affinity with steel and wood have enabled me to explore my art.

  • Biography

    Adrian trained and worked initially as mechanic, but then moved on to the New Hope Collieries at Rosewood, Queensland. His time in the mines, as a fitter and turner equipped him with a good practical skillset to enable him to realise his artistic vision in later years. An affinity and close observation of the natural world provided the basis for his exploratory journey.

  • Influences

    Primarily my work looks at the natural world but also is underpinned by close observation of country life and the iron scrap that rest sin so many paddocks.

  • Exhibitions

    Mary Durack Award 2009
    Downlands Art 2008

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Adrian Kraatz

Dragon Fly
8 x 6 x 3 cm Welded Steel $200.00

Adrian Kraatz

Koala 1
58 x 42 x 5 cm Recycled steel sculpture $450.00

Adrian Kraatz

Lizard and Fly
11 x 20 x 52 cm Recycled steel and timber $480.00