Adrian Dunn

Adrian Dunn

  • Artist’s Statement

    In my landscape paintings I try to portray a quiet, peaceful place where I have been or would like to be. They are not a record of places, but rather a record of thoughts, moods, and ideas.

  • Biography

    My art career started very early sketching with pens and pencils and splashing paint around as far back as I can remember. I won a lot of art competitions in my youth and came first in college yearly exams. I eventually found myself enrolled at Deakin University's Fine Art and Design course (the year that Deakin first opened).

    A good friend and fellow artist explained to me one day that you can teach technique, but you cannot teach creativity. My thoughts on art and artists changed that day. Half way through the course I left. That eased the economic pressure and allowed me to start a family and pursue a career in engineering.

    I continued to paint but rarely found the (spare) time. Work on the other hand, had me travelling through the outback of Australia. All the while I was studying the bush and retaining thoughts and ideas.

    Now retired, I have the time to paint again.

  • Influences

    The inspiration for my style takes root in the work produced by members of the Heidelberg School. But the difference is I am not telling a story or recording an event of the day.

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Adrian Dunn

The Rabbiter
40 x 80 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $470.00

Adrian Dunn

The Fishing Shack
61 x 51 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $470.00