A Word from the Curator at the 31st Annual Art Exhibition – 2017

by | Sep 1, 2017

Welcome to the 31st Annual Downlands Art Exhibition.  In 2017 I have given a nod towards the importance of creativity in design. As a curator of fine art I often engage in discussions about relevance and purpose and often I hear comments relegating the creation of artwork as an unnecessary and purely self-indulgent activity. Hopefully here at Downlands this year, I provide some evidence to the contrary.  It is my observation that artists are amongst the most dutiful and the most important occupational contributors to humankind.  The visual language of the aesthetic, usually presents as a rectangular image in a frame. The reality is we are surrounded by such things every day and usually don’t even notice.

I’d like to bring into the light some of the hidden achievements of artists which really exist in plain sight in all our lives. Who hasn’t owned a tooth brush which appeared to have fallen out of the future, or a kitchen appliance purchased more for its appearance than simply its ability to perform a function?  When did you last try on a running shoe blindfolded?  I could count on one hand the number of guests here wearing identical clothing and there is reason for this we have relied upon artists to contribute to almost every manufactured product we have ever purchased, but so few of us stop to consider that fact and to consider the gift of individual expression we have inherited from visual design.

The standard level of work this year is in direct response to that of previous years.  Our contributors are always striving for quality and this is most evident in 2017.

Whilst we enjoy this beautiful and engaging event brought to you by the salubrious efforts of the tireless Downlands community I also ask you to share with me the extra facet I’ve added to this year’s exhibition. The celebration of the “Art of Design”.

Evan Hollis

Curator 31st Downlands Art Exhibition