Works in this category have caught the Curator's eye as examples of well considered creations, with an excellence in execution, style, concept and other qualities. Often they will have good potential as investment pieces.

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Catherine Anderson

"Here's Trouble!"
28 x 33 x 18cm Bronze $3,600.00

Daevid Anderson

Dinosaur Parade
31 x 91.5cm Oil on board $2,950.00

Dean Anderson

50 x 20 x 60cm Metal $3,750.00

Lexie Antonio

The Epic Rivalry
48.4 x 53.4 x 2cm Watercolour on Paper Sold

Sona Babajanyan

50.8 x 40.6 x 1cm Acrylic on Board $900.00

Diana Battle

The Old Bottle Tree
61 x 61 x 4cm Framed: 65 x 65cm Acrylic on canvas framed Sold

Jason Benjamin

40 x 65 x 10cm Etching Sold

Charles Blackman

The Curtain for the Ballet, A Midsummer Night's Dream (1990)
45 x 60cm Framed: 74 x 89cm Watercolour & Ink on Paper $7,950.00

Andrew Bonneau

Still Life with Birds
71.4 x 91.8cm Oil on Linen $9,200.00

David Boyd

Europa and the Bush Piccaninny
45 x 40cm Framed: 65.5 x 60.5cm Oil on Belgian Linen

Charlie Boyle

Expanding Light - Morning Mist - Goombungee
54 x 156cm $3,300.00

Michael Cawdrey

River of Their Childhood
152.5 x 76 x 3.5cm Oil on Canvas $4,000.00

Michael Cawdrey

Some Red Soil Country
46 x 61 x 3cm Framed: 59 x 74 x 3cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $2,400.00

Pauline Collins

Olivia on Fairy Street
100 x 76 x 4cm Oil on Linen $890.00

Peter Conaghan

The Red Indian
40 x 45 x 2.5cm Transparent Watercolour On Paper $380.00

Mela Cooke

The Baby Butcher Bird and the Bad Hair Day
42 x 20 x 28cm Bronze $4,800.00

Ray Crooke

Torberua Island, Fiji
90 x 140cm Framed: 103.5 x 154cm Acrylic and Oil on Paper (under Non-reflective & UV-resistant glass)

Ruby Daniels

Bush Potato Dreamng
120 x 190cm Acrylic $3,950.00


Invasion Earth
88 x 73cm mixed media $950.00

Robert Dickerson

The Favourite
54 x 74cm Framed: 90 x 108cm Pastel on paper

Alyce Duhs

The Perfect Pair
50 x 35 x 3cm Chalk pastel $2,200.00

Kathy Ellem

Molly's crew
80 x 142 x 5cm Oil on Canvas $7,500.00

Kathy Ellem

76 x 102 x 5cm Oil on Canvas $3,750.00

Diane Elsden

Gowrie Mountain, Wellcamp
60 x 90 x 10cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $795.00