WaterCarriesColour 31.05.20B - Victoria Cattoni

Victoria Cattoni

WaterCarriesColour 31.05.20B

22 x 21 cmFramed: 27 x 26 x 3cmWATERCOLOUR
I see this series as a long sentence. In mid March of 2020, I was in Cairns, staying within walking distance of the water. By late March, still in Cairns, I grasped for my watercolours in an attempt to fend off the escalating fear being thrust upon us as the pandemic became immanent and we knew we were about to lose our bearings. I walked by the sea, sat, looking at sky and water. I knew it was critical that I harness the extreme unease I felt into something of beauty. I began with water and colour and soft brushes. I breathed into the movements and marks, at times pushing the breath hard, forcing the water to carry the colour beyond the paper’s comfort.