Pulan, Quandamooka Country Dirty Washing Series - Nadine Reynolds

Nadine Reynolds

Pulan, Quandamooka Country Dirty Washing Series

90 x 90 x 1 cmAcrylic on silk
“Pulan, Quandamooka Country” is part of the ‘Dirty Washing’ Series acrylic on silk scarves. It explores a way of communicating respect to First Nations peoples. Rocks have been souvenired from significant Indigenous sites by Australians with a European heritage. As such rocks can be seen as a symbol of reconciliation. The landscape has been marked out in a square and its location and measurements recorded as though the rock is a scientific specimen. The area has then been painted from a bird’s eye view as nod of respect to the many indigenous artists who also paint from this perspective. The work is painted on silk and embroidered (a reference to grandmothers who in many cultures work in textiles) and is designed to hang on pegs. The movement of the silk as the viewer walks past causes a feeling of unease and realisation of disturbance in the landscape.