Trail of Fire (Sturt Desert Pea) - Michelle Gray & Raelene Bock

Michelle Gray & Raelene Bock

Trail of Fire (Sturt Desert Pea)

16 x 44 x 30cmGlass & MetalSoldOne of the most unusual and outstanding flowers of Australia is the bold vibrant red Sturt Desert Pea with its striking black centre. We love the trailing habit of this hardy desert native and have tried to capture its intrepid rambling tendency in our piece. Around 100 glass flowers have been hand formed in the flame, twisted into the leafy vine of over 1000 hand cut rusted tin leaves and wire. Glass is the medium that best exhibits the vibrancy, and durability - yet delicacy - of the flowers, while the rusted tin and wire emanate the hardiness of this wonderful plant in the hot desert environment.