Saint Gobnait - patron Saint of Bees - Mary-Kate Thomson

Mary-Kate Thomson

Saint Gobnait - patron Saint of Bees

34 x 30 x 2cmAcrylic on ply, varnish
St Gobnait ( Irish) fled to the Aran Is's after a family feud. An angel appeared and told her that this was "not the place of her resurrection" and that she should look for a place where she would find nine white deer grazing. She found the deer at the place now known as St. Gobnet's Wood. Saint Abban (her sister) is said to have worked with her on the foundation of the convent and to have placed Saint Gobnait over it as abbess.  She held bees in high esteem, believing the soul left the body as a bee or a butterfly. Gobnait is said to have added beekeeping to her life's work, developing a lifelong affinity with bees. She started a religious order and dedicated her days to helping the sick. It has been speculated that she used honey as a healing aid, and is credited with saving the people at Ballyvourney from the plague. Feast Day February 11.