#1 The Sacred Heart - Mary-Kate Thomson

Mary-Kate Thomson

#1 The Sacred Heart

90 x 60 x 2 cmAcrylic on Plywood
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 The typical representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus contains several elements: the pierced Heart of Jesus, a crown of thorns, flames, and the cross. 
This symbolism has been revisited focusing on a more real and vulnerable heart deliberately devoid of sentiment. We are reminded that Christ loved us with a human heart and made the ultimate sacrifice for us. The timber of the cross includes thorny branches hinting at the sinfulness of mankind, and the surrounding crown of thorns - the persecution of our Saviour. The thorns are a representation of our self-seeded sins - evil germinated in the hearts of all mankind; and the intensity of the fire indicates the intensity of Christ’s unwavering love for us. 
The overall intention is to inspire the viewer to reject sin and to embrace love. By gazing upon the precious heart of Jesus, allow the enormity of His sacrifice and the intensity of His love for us really sink in - as in the words of Isaiah (53:5) “he was pierced for our transgressions... crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” 
The colours and patterns reflect the complexity and beauty of our world, our varied communities, the mystery of faith, and the relationship that we are drawn into with Him.
Our own human hearts are complex, flawed, wounded, and broken. But like Christ’s, they are extraordinarily beautiful and capable of great love.  

Together, the series of images represents HOPE. By reflecting upon the Sacred Heart of Jesus, nurturing our faith by studying the Word, through reflection, prayer and receiving Holy Communion, we are all able to be transformed in love, and have great potential to lovingly transform our world. As Christians, we are called to do this.