In the Beginning and Before (Diptych) - Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw

In the Beginning and Before (Diptych)

60 x 52 x 5 cmMosaic -china. Hand glazed pottery, glass. pewter, copper, slate, shell, 24 ct gold smalti with cement adhesive on mosaic board.
I have a fascination with what could be, what was and the possibilities therein. Mosaic offers the opportunity to use wonderful and diverse material to build dimensional fantasy and ideas, and to explore the relationships and potentials of shapes and glazes. My techniques allows a stacking of pieces and the juxtaposition of sometimes strange forms that develop a new identity if removed from their original use and shape. The beauty of the glaze, colour, shape, and finish become paramount and create new ideas. What did the beginning look like? Here I am exploring the linking of ideas.