First There is a Mountain V - Marc Kalifa

Marc Kalifa

First There is a Mountain V

40.5 x 48 x 24cmCast glass on light box
Marc has been a resident of the Sunshine Coast hinterland since 1979 and has always been entranced by the majesty of the Glasshouse Mountains. He has wondered for many years how he could best depict them in his own medium and in a more meaningful way than just a visual image. He realised that the mountains we now see have been millions of years in the making. They have arisen from the earth and whilst they seem solid and permanent, they are slowly still evolving and are actually different from what the original inhabitants saw and what generations from now will see. The rocks are constantly being eroded by the wind and rain, which pares them down into sand, which runs off into the creeks and then the sea. It is from sand that glass is made. This makes a very neat little circle of creativity. These works are sand cast glass. In this process molten glass (at a temperature of 1200 oC), has been poured into a bed of sand which has been formed into the required shapes of the mountains. It then has to steadily cool down, which can take up to 4 days in a cooling kiln. The sand used in the casting box actually comes from around Bribie Island.