Penitente Morada - Irena Annandale-James

Irena Annandale-James

Penitente Morada

43 x 53 x 3cmPhotography - Framed
The Penitente Morada,  located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA, is a church dating back to 1700, then used  by the "penitentes" (which means "penitent").  The penitentes went into secrecy to practice their beliefs and still do to this day for the most part.    It has recently been renovated.    Hearing about this church while travelling around  Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA, I decided to see it for myself and drove up the narrow dirt road to the top of the hill where it was located. And, there it stood, in all its beauty and its glory.      The result is this photo, taken with my Pentax IQZoom 160, which I always carried with me, for just such a photo opportunity.