And A Land Cries Out - Di Cox

Di Cox

And A Land Cries Out

61 x 122 x 4 cmACRYLIC ON CANVAS
Where's my little family gone?

I always have music playing when I paint: one of my favourite artists is country singer Sara Storer. Her song "And a Land Cries Out - Where's My Little Family Gone" is about the constant heart wrenching battle between making a living, protecting and raising your family on a land you love. Inspired by the lyrics of her song, this piece touches on how this world and all in it are transient. I am connected with the land, as a farmer’s daughter. My immigrant parents taught me the value of recycling, reusing, of being 'green'; long before these were a thing.
They taught me lessons of living responsibly, modestly. I believe we are caretakers of this beautiful land and all its creatures.
This piece urges us to live respectfully, avoid waste and the seduction of consumerism... to walk softly in this world.
Where's my little family gone?