Dove Lake - Anne O'Sullivan

Anne O'Sullivan

Dove Lake

30 x 40 x 4cmWater based oil on canvas
This painting is in direct response to the breathtakingly beautiful landscape around Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain. Living in south east Queensland, the stimulus for this painting were photographs taken during a holiday in Tasmania early in 2020. I found Tasmania to be very different from south east Queensland in terms of light, fauna, flora and climate. Our time at Dove Lake reminded me of time spent in Ireland many years ago. With my Irish ancestry, I found that my skin appreciated the cold and wet weather. In both Tasmania and Ireland, I did not need to spend excessive time protecting my skin from a climate incompatible with my ancestry. Both Ireland and Tasmania are sorrowful landscapes due to the treatment of the indigenous people which is embedded into the landscape. I have tried to combine these elements into my painting - the glorious sodden light over the mountains, the crystal nature of the water and the hardy unfamiliar plants surrounding the lake. The atmosphere is quite melancholy and devoid of life. I have used both palette knife and paint brush to create a sensual and seductive surface as I really enjoyed the limited time I spent viewing, smelling and touching this beautiful location.