Information for Artist submissions:

New artists or those who did not exhibit in 2021 are asked to send images of recent work and an artist’s biography/statement to our curator ASAP or by 1 June at the latest.

All official communication is via email with our Curator, please do not try to correspond officially through social media as this is not practical.

Selected Previous Artists:

  • Invitations to exhibit will be sent out via email only – during April/May to requested previous exhibitors. If you exhibited recently and do not have a portal invitation to exhibit by 20 May 2022 and would like to, please apply to the Curator directly with images of fresh work.
  • Artworks may be submitted for selection with an artists’ bio/CV to the curator via our online portals any time after you receive your invitation till 1 August. Please email the curator if you need more information about using your Artist’s portal.
  • Limited works will be selected by early August, and these will be charged a $5 non-refundable entry fee per catalogued item and a commission of 25% upon sale.
  • A second selection round, from submitted works, may occur in early August.
  • We may have an online store option for extra artworks, separate to the physical exhibition. 
  • General works to be delivered to the College 11-12 September or by prior arrangement with the curator
  • Our Gala opening fundraiser – 16 September – 7pm (no free artist tickets – Artist preview on Thursday)
  • The RME Downlands Exhibition closes 24 September 4pm
  • Sold/unsold artwork collection from the College 25-26 September

All artworks will be hung at the discretion of the curator and exhibition committee. All proceeds go to the College P&F.

Our Catalogue in 2022

Our Catalogue will be available in a few formats, either an Artist listing with image tiles / an alphabetical list linked to their pages, or as a searchable catalogue listing. The online artist pages may promote each artist via statements, bio, and CV where possible

All works in the Russell Mineral Equipment – Downlands Art Exhibition will be reserved for sale during our September Exhibition 16 – 25 September.

Our exhibition has become so popular in recent years that we will continue to be quite selective in 2022 to reduce our catalogue numbers from over one thousand down to 750 as a more effective hanging. Depending on sizes submitted many artists will only have the opportunity to exhibit a single work.


Please feel free to email the curator at any time to discuss your proposed submissions.

Kind regards

Evan Hollis

Curator – RME Downlands Art Exhibition


Downlands College

72 Ruthven Street / PO Box 250, Toowoomba 4350

Tel 07 4690 9500