Yan Shi Zhong

Yan Shi Zhong

  • Biography

    Professor Yan Shi Zhong is an eminent professional artist with the Shandong Art Gallery in Jinan.

    Art critics have described his style as unrestricted and brave, robust and guileless; his composition as strict but nimble; and his paintings as containing profound meaning which reveals itself naturally and gradually to the observer over time.

    Professor Yan is a member of the Chinese Fine Arts Association
    and the Shandong Oil Painting Committee.

  • Awards

    A graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Art, he gained first prize in the prestigious China/Japan Art Competition in 1991, and again in 1995. His paintings are collected in England, Europe and the USA as well as throughout Australia.

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Yan Shi Zhong

Don’t worry if there is Rain or Wind
62 x 46 x 4 cm oriental ink and watercolour $6,500.00